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Aqua Genie HOB 40 Carbon Cartridge

Product Code: AGHOB40CC
Availability: In Stock
Price: 12.00AUD

The Aqua Genie HOB 40 power fish tank filter removes the pollutants and waste, but the carbon cartridge puts the diamond sparkle back into the aquarium water.

The Aqua Genie HOB 40 Power Fish Tank Filter already comes with its own carbon cartridge. Although the Aqua Genie removes 99.9% of the pollutants and waste, the natural colour of the water is dull. It is the carbon cartridges that give the water its diamond sparkle. It is recommended that the carbon cartridges be changed once per month for the continuation of the diamond sparkle in your water. The carbon cartridges come in a blister pack of 4, are easy to remove and install and are in keeping with the simplicity of the Aqua Genie HOB 40 Power Fish Tank Filter.

Available in Australia, USA and Canada.

Free postage when purchased with Aquagenie HOB 40, or in lots of 3 or more blister packs.