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Aqua Genie VA01 Air-driven Filter (For AUSTRALIA)

Aqua Genie VA01 Air-driven Filter (For AUSTRALIA)
Aqua Genie VA01 Air-driven Filter (For AUSTRALIA)
Product Code: AGVA01
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Price: 99.95AUD

"complete with air stone and air pump".

Turtle keeper's delight!

The Aqua Genie VA01 air-driven fish tank filter is the first of the Aqua Genie filters, with marble filtering and back flushing system. It saves time by only taking seconds to clean; saves water by replacing minimal amounts; saves energy on not having to carry buckets of water, saves money. Because of biotechnology, it is recommended that chemicals not be used. The Aqua Genie VA01 air-driven fish tank filter removes pollutants to 5 micron in size, leaving behind the beneficial bacteria necessary for its function. It is safe to be used by fish breeders, without removing the baby fish or small varieties of fish; they cannot enter the filter, and safe on marine plants. Turtles are messy pets, as turtle keepers know, but this air-driven filter is tough enough to keep the toughest turtle tanks clean. The Aqua Genie VA01 air-driven fish tank filter's slim design makes it ideal for wall aquariums that are now becoming so popular, as well as the family marine pet aquarium. Air pump and air stones not supplied with unit. Free postage in Australia only

"complete with air stone and air pump"

"ONLY available for AUSTRALIA"

Box size = 262 x 258 x 130mms / Weight = 1.476kgs.

Has filter marbles. Captures 99.9% of pollutants and need never be replaced.
Unique backflush system. Removes pollutants in seconds, minimal water replacement, no need to remove fish.Saves time, saves money, saves water, saves energy. Relax and enjoy your fish.
Tough and safe Keeps the toughest turtle tanks clean, without harm to the turtles
Gentle and safe Whilst removing debris to 5 micron, baby fish and small fish are unable to enter the filter.
Slim design Ideal for wall aquariums
Uses biotechnology Use of chemicals not recommended, saving you money. This filter is "green".
Simple design Makes it easy to assemble, install and operate.