About us is run by Arnette Petschel, who lives in Sydney, Australia.  Arnette is always looking for ways to save money, save time, save energy and save water.  Arnette is the international agent for the Aqua Genie HOB 40 power fish tank filters and Aqua Genie VA01 air-driven fish tank filters.  With warehouses in Sydney, Australia and Pennsylvania, USA, access to 240volt and 110volt power fish tank filters is easy.  It is so relaxing to sit and watch fish do what fish do, and the sound of the cascading water is therapeutic.

The Aqua Genie fish tank filters (power and air-driven) have been invented by Phil Dor of Perth, Australia.  Phil is very experienced with marine life and fish.  It was his job to clean the fish tanks at one time, and he soon thought that there had to be an easier way to do it.  Not finding anything that satisfied his needs, he invented the fish tank filters that did.  They are ideal for fish breeders and the air-driven filter is tough for turtle breeders and slim for wall aquariums.  Both filters can be used in saltwater reef tanks, tropical and freshwater tanks, so Phil covered all his bases.  Phil has appeared on New Inventors, Sydney, The Next Best Thing, Melbourne and Inventor of the Year, Perth.  Read more about Phil on  With "biopearls" and back flush system there are more inventions in the system. Watch this space


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