sells Aqua Genie fish tank filters. With filtermarbles or "Biopearls" and unique back flush system, these filters are well ahead of their competitors.

Aqua Genie fish tank filters are tough enough for turtle breeders, but gentle enough for fish breeding tanks, marine plants and beneficial bacteria. Also ideal for wall aquariums and the family pet aquarium.

Life gets busier, faster and more expensive. How depressing to come home to a dirty fish tank with your pet fish looking as equally depresssed back at you. The Aqua Genie fish tank filters have filter marbles or "Biopearls" to collect the debris. The back flush system removes them in seconds, extending time between cleans and saves water, saves time, saves money and saves energy. Now you can come home to a fish tank with diamond sparkling water and happy, healthy fish. Relax and enjoy your fish.

The Aqua Genie fish tank filters are eco-friendly in that they use biotechnology.

The Aqua Genie HOB 40 is a power filter. The Aqua Genie VA01 is an air-driven filter. Both have the revolutionary back flush system and are ideal for small to medium fish tanks. For larger tanks, extra Aqua Genie filters may be added. A larger one is in the pipeline to satisfy not only the needs of the home aquarium, but pools, ponds and breeding tanks for more efficient fish keeping.

The Aqua Genie filters may be used in all aquariums; whether a saltwater reef tank, tropical or freshwater your marine pets will thrive.

The Aqua Genie fish tank filters have been advertised on 2GB, 2CH and WSFM radio stations in Sydney, and MIX 102.3 in Adelaide, thus far, with television commercials in the wings. welcomes dealers. Your customers will be asking you for the Aqua Genie fish tank filters. Now customers have the convenience of buying online, or with personal service from their own pet shop and aquarium suppliers.